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The Archimedean

The Multi-purpose Multi-tasking Gravity Assisted Power System

The Feltenberger Pendulum Pump can make clean drinking water from disgusting filthy water anytime, anywhere - requires no fuel, no sun, no wind... just the power of one person @ 1,000 gallons in an hour.

Archimedes takes the heavy load - gives one man the strength of 4 - so powerful, a child can operate it.

Why would you need a Feltenberger GP210 Pendulum Pump with Hanish Water filtration?
  • To make absolutely safe drinkable water from dirty water ANYTIME ANYWHERE.
  • Available all the time - not reliant on wind or solar or fuels or elelctricity.
  • To make absolutely safe drinkable water from dirty water, contaminated or destroyed due to cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, accidents, flooding, algal bloom, giardia, cryptosporidium or war.
  • Suitable for villages and communities, disaster relief, disaster recovery, the armed forces.
  • Emergency pumps are easily transported and can be set-up and pumping in minutes - as used in Haiti.
  • American technology - built to last.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for brackish or seawater desalination. Arsenic requires special filters.

Separate satellite and island communities can now have a high quality drinking water solution.

Now each community can have their own Pendulum Pump to provide safe quality drinking water from any polluted water - it's as easy as swinging the pendulum - and can also be used to pump water for irrigation.

The GP210 is a hand-operated suction type water pump that can lift water approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) at sea level from the water source to the pump at a rate of up to 17 US gallons (64.35 liters) per minute. The momentum of the swinging pendulum provides a gravity-assisted advantage that allows the operator to work the pump with at least five-times less fatigue than any other hand-operated pump. This translates into the operators ability to pump by hand up to 1,000 US gallons (3785 liters) of water per hour with very little fatigue.

Well suited for irrigation, the GP210 is available on a stationary A-Frame, a mobile trailer or as a stand-alone unit to be installed on your own stanchion. The Pendulum on the GP210 weighs just 40 lbs. and is 48 inches long. A selector pin on the axle changes the length of the linear stroke to change the flow rate/pressure of the water being pumped. This allows the operator to pump pressurized water, up to 80 psi. with nearly the same effort required to maintain the swinging of the pendulum with no water pressure. There is No other hand- operated pump in existence today that can pump water at these volumes or pressure.

The GEC Water Treatment System
An optional water filtration system, manufactured by Hanish Water, is available for producing safe-drinking water that meets or exceeds World Health Organization standards. This system filters any fresh water source down to 0.1 micron to virtually eliminate all contaminants including virus and bacteria. When combined with the GP210, the complete system becomes a very powerful hand-operated surface water treatment system using a 4-stage filtration process.

Stage one keeps debris from harming the pump by using a 78 micron screen housed in a protective cage that is easy to clean.

Stage two uses industrial-grade back-washable filters containing Z-pack, a third-generation media that removes suspended contaminants down to 3-5 micron.

Stage three uses a 1 micron replaceable filter.

Stage four uses the Hanish Water Bioguard/Carbon/Bioguard filter combination. This filters your water at the sub-micron level to produce safe drinking-water.

A field test of the GEC Water Treatment System performed on the Cuyahoga river in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio reduced the total coliform value of MPN 13,500/100 ml to a MPN of 0/100 ml, and the turbidity level from 9 to 0 NTU.

Produce clean drinking water WITHOUT fuel or electricity ANYTIME ANYWHERE - with a light, easy to operate pump that even children can operate. The GP 210 provides over 1,000 gallons per hour of clean drinking water which meets or exceeds the World Health Organization standards for drinking water. Suitable for emergency disaster relief when water supplies are contaminated or interrupted.

The pump is designed for use in the wake of natural disasters and can be used to generate electricity, drill wells, desalinate and filter water. GEC has developed a breakthrough technology that can help millions of people in disaster relief, third world nations and militaries for drinking and irrigation in areas without readily available electrical supply.

Veljko Milkovic Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator - Pendulum-Lever System

The pumping action is assisted by the Mechanical Advantages of a "pendulum swing" and "lever" combined. Once the pendulum is in full swing, the energy required to maintain the swing is lessened greatly. The lever acts to magnify the work and the pendulum swings by gravity: work = force x distance. Work is equal to force magnified by the distance over which the force acts. The children swing the pendulum (assisted by gravity) and their effort is magnified. The pressure exerted is increased and the pump performs more work.

The pendulum pump has four settings that adjust the volume and/or pressure of the water being pumped, selectable by a simple pin mechanism. A small adult or a child can easily operate the pendulum in position one or two for an extended time.

The Feltenberger Pendulum Pump pumps water easily and efficiently and can be applied to a variety of uses:
  • Filters water to WHO drinking standards with anti-microbial membrane.
  • Desalinates reverse osmosis water for high quality drinking water.
  • Pumps water for irrigation.
  • Pumps anytime anywhere, without fuel.
  • So safe and easy a child can operate.
  • Quiet operation, no emissions.
  • Provides the needed water pressure for spot fire fighting.
  • Rugged construction for low maintenance.
  • Can charge batteries.
  • Can drill wells.

The "gravity-assisted" Feltenberger Pendulum "push-action" is far easier to operate than the "pull-down" action required of the old pump design on the right, which can be quite exhausting even only after a short time.

In May of 2010, GEC donated a GP210 outfitted with Aquathin water filtration systems for use in earthquake-stricken Haiti. It is operated around three hours a day and provides drinking water for around 4,000 people. Pictured children in Haiti operating the Feltenberger Pendulum Pump.

The GEC Feltenberger Pendulum Pumping System combined with the AquaShield filtration and Aquathin Reverse Osmosis (R/O) systems becomes a Portable Water Treatment Facility. This combination is capable of pumping and processing contaminated water to produce up to 1,000 gallons per hour of safe drinking water, which meets or exceeds the standards for drinking water established by the World Health Organization. If desired, instead of producing this much regular drinking water, a higher grade of pure water can be produced by turning on the Aquathin Reverse Osmosis (R/O) system. This can produce 400 to 500 gallons per day of R/O water. Simultaneously, when the R/O system is in use, up to 2,500 gallons per day of regular drinking water can also be produced by using the AquaShield filtration system along with the R/O system.

The Feltenberger Pendulum is a unique double-reciprocating pendulum. Our videos show this quite well. As the pendulum rotates, the axle reciprocates in a linear (straight line) manner, causing a pumping action. The amount of water being pumped is determined by the distance that the axle slides in and out of the pump while it rotates. The axle is connected to a piston rod that pushes or pulls the piston in the pump. Water is pumped while the piston moves in both directions during the in and the out strokes. The further the piston moves, the greater the amount of water that is pumped.

The distance the piston moves varies based on the mode of operation and the Pressure/Volume (P/V) setting. The pendulum can be pushed in a gentle manner, describing a relatively low over and back succession of arcs. If compared to the face of a clock a good example would be from 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock and back again. This will produce about one half the pumped water that would result from a higher arc of 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock. If the pendulum is rotated 360 degrees or in a continuous spinning manner, it will pump the maximum amount of water for any given P/V setting.

There are four different P/V settings that can be selected depending on the desire of the operator. Changing from one setting to another is easy and takes only a few seconds. First, the pendulum must be stationary. Then, on top of the machine, above the Gravity Assisted Power label there is a device, which looks like a black box. Protruding from this device is a selector pin, which can be easily pulled out and removed and then inserted into another position. There are four positions to choose from and they are numbered one through four.

The effect of moving the selector pin from one P/V position to another is similar to shifting gears in a car. Position one produces the highest pressure and lowest volume of water. Position four produces the highest volume of water at the lowest pressure. Positions two and three are incremental changes in pressure and volume.

While operating this machine, never push directly on the pendulum itself. Always use the handle and never operate the machine without the pendulum shield in place as serious harm or injury could occur.

Finally, this machine is quiet! If you watch the video you will notice that it is a very quiet operation. Gone are the familiar sounds of the gasoline or diesel engines that would normally be used for pumping. Also, there is little or no discernable heat produced while pumping and obviously, there are no emissions because it is hand operated. This makes it a very clean, quiet, and green machine.

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